The Story: The Most Dangerous Library

A Sort-of-Kind-of-Not-so-True Account of Book Hopping

Book Hop, v. 1.) to hop or jump literally into a piece of literature story, requires special skills or facilities 2.) to live inside a story for a period of time and interact therein, ancient practice, very rare and exceedingly dangerous.

Chapter ONE: Which Begins, as Usual With a Death, Very Sad

Chapter TWO: In Which Maddie Arrives at Rosecliff

Chapter THREE: In Which Visitors Come to Rosecliff

Chapter FOUR: In Which Demands Are Made

Chapter FIVE: In Which Everything is Explained by the Impossible

Chapter SIX: In Which They Hop

Chapter SEVEN: In Which Maddie May or May Not Be Mad

Chapter EIGHT: In Which There Are Two Households Both Alike in Dignity

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